Loan participation repayment is always top of mind. One of the first questions any lender asks when considering making a commercial loan is, “How do I ensure that payments are received on time, month after month?” Capital Resources removes the stress of payment delinquencies by ensuring that our lenders are paid first. Through our unique loan repayment process, borrowers are required to follow distinct guidelines to make sure that you are paid no matter what.

A few ways that Capital Resources ensures that lenders are paid first include:

Commission Assignments

Many of the loans that CR originates qualify to receive an irrevocable assignment of commissions for the monthly loan payment. This means that the borrower and lender enter into an agreement with the insurer that the loan payment is paid directly out of the agent’s commissions and sent directly to CR from the insurance carrier and the agent/borrower receives the balance.

 Monthly Auto-Deductions

For those loans originated to agents whose carriers aren’t able to accommodate a direct commissions assignment Capital Resources will deduct monthly loan payments directly from the borrower’s operating account. These deductions occur on the same day of each month to both help borrowers manage their accounts and for lenders to remain aware of incoming payment. The auto-deduction also keeps borrowers from simply overlooking a payment date, keeping payments prompt and without late fees each month.


loan participation repayment


Immediate Payment

Once the loan payments have been collected, Capital Resources then remits these payments directly to the participating lenders via electronic transfer. These loan payments are made the day after they are received from borrowers. Lenders don’t have to hassle with collecting repayments, and can simply receive payment with confidence the same day of each month.

Why Our Repayment Process is a Strength

Capital Resources loan repayment process is more than just receiving timely repayment. The consistent and predictable nature of our repayment process means borrowers are more likely to maintain positive borrower status, leading to both borrower and lender satisfaction. For lenders, this translates into higher ROIs and lower delinquency rates.