Credit quality and consistency are key factors for the Capital Resources’ lending program – Quality Loan Participation. We work hard during our underwriting process to analyze risk associated with each credit request. Factors considered by Capital Resources during underwriting include:

Debt-to-Income Ratios

Lenders know that high debt-to-income ratios increase the risk of default. At Capital Resources, we make sure that borrowers have a responsible level of debt-to-income to further ensure on-time and in-full repayment.

Consistent Credit History

At Capital Resources, we want borrowers who consistently show responsible financial management. When reviewing credit histories, we look for borrowers who have long-term established accounts, have paid on-time and regularly, and have no major red flags.

Matching Lenders and Borrowers

Not every loan participation is a comfortable fit for any lender. Lenders who are wishing to have a higher ROI, may be looking for a different size or type of loan participation than those looking for lower yields.  At Capital Resources, we provide lenders with the loan participation that best fits their financial goals and risk tolerances.

Strong Credit Score

FICO scores are one of our first indicators of borrower creditworthiness. If an applicant, doesn’t have a mid-range to high credit score, Capital Resources may not be the right lender for them.

Agency Due Diligence

At Capital Resources, we don’t just look at the insurance professional seeking the loan, we look at the entire agency. Prior to approving a loan, we will review an agency’s entire financial history, as well as market trends, both current and projected, to ensure the investment is a sound one.


quality loan participation


These guidelines set forth by Capital Resources help to ensure that our participating lenders invest in loans of high credit quality while still yielding  attractive overall yields. If you’re interested in learning more about the Capital Resources and its loan participation products, contact one of our lending specialists today.