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Capital Resources Loan Participation Products

Our clients include captive agency owners of Allstate Insurance, independent insurance agency owners, and financial advisory practice owners across the United States. We offer community banks like yours the opportunity to expand your geographic reach while increasing industry diversification through the purchase of our commercial loan participation products. We offer a variety of lending products to our borrowers, offering community lenders the opportunity to invest at the risk level they are most comfortable with. Products that we provide to our borrowing customers include:

Loans for the Purpose of Refinancing Existing Commercial Debt

Many of our clients have previously secured agency financing to purchase a book of business or expand existing operations only to later realize that their current loan does not fit their current needs. At Capital Resources we work hard to develop a relationship with our borrowing customers at the time of the application in order to help identify a loan structure that has the highest probability of being successful for all parties.


Acquisition Loans

Through the years, Capital Resources’ focus has primarily been the origination of loans for the purpose of purchasing established books of business. These loans may be for the purchase of a borrower’s first book of business, or they may already own a book of business and have chosen to expand through an additional acquisition.

Working Capital

Whether an applicant is interested in borrowing money to expand operations, finance equipment purchases, or increase staffing, we work hard to provide them with the credit they deserve. With our working capital loan options we are able to get insurance agencies and advisors the capital they need to succeed.

Whether you are a suburban, rural, or large urban community lender, we have the commercial loan participations needed to help you diversify your portfolio.


Our stringent loan parameters require us to be selective in every loan we approve. Through our unique lending program, only qualified borrowers with quality credit are granted approval, and we manage payment directly. We help banks grow their portfolios, without growing their staffs.


What We Do

We specialize in providing quality commercial loan participations to lenders across the United States. Our participations are backed by loans to current and prospective insurance agency owners and financial advisors for the purpose of business acquisition, expansion, refinance, and working capital. 


Our Approach

Having originated more than $500MM in loans, we have a unique perspective and insight in the industries we specialize in. We leverage this experience to help our participating lenders grow their loan portfolios without growing their expenses. 


Our Mission

We provide quality loan products to those in the insurance and wealth management industries, while helping community banks expand their loan portfolio's size and industry diversification.

$ Millions Originated

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Credit Quality

Prior to approving a loan, we will review an agency’s entire financial history, as well as market trends, both current and projected, to ensure the investment is a sound one.

Portfolio Growth

Since 2005, community banks have turned to us to help them grow their commercial loan portfolios.

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