Why Capital Resources?

Our Loan Participation Program Stands Above the Rest


If your bank’s objective is to grow your commercial loan portfolio then Capital Resources’ Loan Participation Program can help you do just that. Community banks across the United States choose to buy commercial loan participations from Capital Resources because our loan participation program stands above the rest.

There are several reasons why Capital Resources’ loan participations are often chosen over those offered by other banks or finance companies. The most common reasons include:

  • Credit quality
  • Product uniformity
  • Our full loan servicing
  • Our track record

Credit Quality

When Capital Resources was founded in 2005, it was our mission then, as it is today, to originate quality loans that our customer banks would originate themselves if given the opportunity. Though our loans all have recourse back to the actual borrower, Capital Resources does not offer recourse or other credit enhancements to entice banks to buy their loan participations. We believe if a loan participation would not be bought or sold without additional credit enhancements then the loan should not have been made in the first place.

In fact, we believe so much in the quality of our loans that we maintain nearly 20% of our loan portfolio on our balance sheet, which makes us our largest holder of Capital Resources loans.

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commercial loan participation

Product Uniformity

Putting commercial loans on the books can be a very inefficient process. Valuable time and resources are spent in soliciting the business, compiling all the necessary due diligence materials, underwriting, presenting to committees, and more. All of this must be done for each loan originated within your bank.

At Capital Resources, we’ve made booking commercial loans simple and efficient. We only originate loans to current and aspiring insurance agency owners. This has allowed us to develop a streamlined and very efficient loan origination process, which translates to a very consistent and uniform loan participation product. In fact, once our bank customers become familiar with our program they see the biggest variables from one loan to the next are generally location and loan amounts.

This product uniformity allows banks to grow their commercial loan portfolio as quickly as they choose, without getting bogged down in the lending processes and without having to add staff and other resources.

Loan Servicing

When Capital Resources originates a loan and offers it as a loan participation our work doesn’t end at the time of the participation’s sale. In fact, our work has just begun. Capital Resources services every loan originated with the same amount of diligence whether we maintain the loan on balance or off. In fact, we know of no other issuer of loan participations that provides it’s participating lenders with more servicing detail than Capital Resources.

Our loan servicing goes far beyond simple payment collection and distribution. Our loan servicing is highlighted by things such as comprehensive electronic files, quarterly reporting of performance metrices, and comprehensive collateral monitoring. In addition, if you choose to simply call us, you can, and you will be able to reach someone.

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Track Record

Since 2005, Capital Resources has offered more than $500,000,000 in commercial loan participations to community banks across the United States. During that time, we have served both the banking community and the insurance industry through both booming and extremely challenging economies. Our portfolio has withstood the test of time.

Not only have our loans held up over time, they’ve held up to countless internal and external bank examinations by many different regulatory bodies across the country. We’re pleased to say we regularly receive compliments from our customers and even their examiners on the quality and depth of our reporting, record keeping and overall loan quality.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Loan Portfolio?

Whether your objective is to grow your bank’s loan portfolio $250,000 or by $25,000,000 we’re ready to help you get quality loans on the books and help you keep them there. Utilize our expertise, our processes, and our people instead of spending valuable resources developing or adding to your own.

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What We Do

We specialize in providing quality commercial loan participations to lenders across the United States. Our participations are backed by loans to current and prospective insurance agency owners and financial advisors for the purpose of business acquisition, expansion, refinance, and working capital. 


Our Approach

Having originated more than $500MM in loans, we have a unique perspective and insight in the industries we specialize in. We leverage this experience to help our participating lenders grow their loan portfolios without growing their expenses. 


Our Mission

We provide quality loan products to those in the insurance and wealth management industries, while helping community banks expand their loan portfolio's size and industry diversification.

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Credit Quality

Prior to approving a loan, we will review an agency’s entire financial history, as well as market trends, both current and projected, to ensure the investment is a sound one.

Portfolio Growth

Since 2005, community banks have turned to us to help them grow their commercial loan portfolios.

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