Welcome to Capital Resources’ loan participation program downloads and resources page. Here you will find our standard loan participation program overview, which details and summarizes much of the information found on our website. Our participating lenders have found this summary to be a helpful supplement for many of them during initial presentations they may make to their respective committees and boards for initial program consideration or approval.

We have also included our standardized loan participation agreements and commercial loan documents. These agreements are standardized, but do vary some depending on geographical locations, collateral types, and other variables.

At Capital Resources we use Wolters Kluwer’s loan documentation software ARTA Lending for all of our standardized loan documents and loan participation documents. Furthermore, we have integrated other components to our loan documents that specifically target the collateral associated with loans we originate to insurance agency entrepreneurs.


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Program Overview

loan participation resources

Loan Documents

loan participation resources

Participation Agreement

loan participation resources

As you become familiar with our transactional documents and with the individual loans that we originate, we hope that you will begin to see product consistency and uniformity. We strive to have these qualities persist regardless of loan size or geographical location of the underlying collateral. It is our hope that once you spend a brief period familiarizing yourself with our product that each loan participation opportunity becomes simpler and faster or analyze than the ones that came before.

If you have taken the time to download the resources available on this page but you have not taken the opportunity to talk with one of our loan participation specialists, then it’s time to call us today at 866-523-6641.